Cloud of Witnesses Album is Out!

I am elated to say that my first full length album is FINALLY out in the world!!! 🙂

Ten songs I’ve written over the past 15 years, all about people who have passed before us in the Bible (the Cloud of Witnesses), God told me to put into an album in January 2021. Well over a year later, this album is the fruit of that obedience. 🙂

Here is a list of who each song is about and what they’ve taught me:

1. The whole ☁️ in Hebrews – shows me how to fix my eyes and run after Jesus no matter what life brings (even death can’t separate us).

2. One day I’ll be a part of the ☁️ – I get to know the meaning of my life NOW, not in some future reality.

3. Job ☁️ – shows me how to lay down my rights and accept God’s will for my life. I cannot accuse Him of wrongdoing because everything He does (and how He turns evil into good for me) is perfect.

4. Lazarus ☁️ – Jesus wept. 😭 His restoration is beyond the most beautiful dream I could dream and eclipses every sorrow.

5. John the Beloved ☁️ – He shows me that it’s not wrong to know you’re loved. When you know you’re His favorite, you get to hear His secrets.

6. The Woman at the Well ☁️ – Jesus will move heaven and earth just to meet you in your need. He is the love that you need and have been looking for.

7. Abraham ☁️ – He was chosen before he did a thing. Not by might, not by power, but by God’s Spirit. God brought his life full circle just by his trust and obedience.

8. Moses ☁️ – God protects His own who honor Him and set their love on Him.

9. King David ☁️ – God’s lovingkindness is better than life itself.

10. Mother Mary ☁️ – Embrace the favor of God on your life, and give Him all the praise you’ve got.

I pray these songs become meditations between you and God for many years to come – all links below!

Apple Music

Amazon Music



God bless you and keep you wherever you are listening. 🙂

Would love to hear from you if these songs are impacting you!


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