Job & Lazarus + Devo Video

In case you missed it, I released two songs from my upcoming album Cloud of Witnesses on Resurrection Sunday, April 17!


Job and Lazarus in the Old and New Testament show us that Jesus’ desire ALL ALONG was to come INTO our suffering and to take it upon Himself…but not before He sits with us in it, and weeps with us. We have a more compassionate and gracious God than we can ever comprehend in a lifetime, which is why it’s so important to learn from the stories of those who have gone before us in the Cloud of Witnesses and are now with Him. He has wiped every tear from their eyes and He is going to do the same with us.

He will redeem all things.

So, I hope you enjoy these songs! Here are the links in order to purchase or listen:

Apple Music

Amazon Music



And here is the Devotional Video for the two new songs. πŸ™‚

Be on the lookout for two new songs from the album to come out next month (May 2022)!

The full album Cloud of Witnesses is set to come out in June 2022, God willing!

God bless you!


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